Report the death

Before the ceremony

The death has to be reported before take any other steps. As long as this document has not been issued by a doctor (IIIC form) we are not allowed to do anything.
If one of your relatives has just died, contact a doctor. However, in case of death in a hospital, one of the doctors in duty will take the necessary steps.

Once the death certificate has been establish you can benefit from our services and the person can be transported. Upon family request we can take the dead person and get them ready for the ultimate tribute. Otherwise this may be done at your place. What matters the most is to find the best way to fulfil the family's expectations. We pay a particular attention to each family's traditions and particularities.

At this stage the dead person's identity card and if possible their wedding certificate will have to be provided. If the person lived in Flanders a last will declaration must be asked at the municipality.

Click here to download the cremation application form