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Body donation

Body donation is optional. This act will enable scientific progress, in addition to helping research forward, you will give medicine students the opportunity to learn even more about humain body as future doctors.

Body donation is only possible if a hand-written document is provided in two copies dated and signed. One copy must be sent to the university chosen among (ULBUCLUlgUMHUNamur) keep the second one at home in a safe place.

Please download the form.
Body donation is a free and unremunerated act. The family will only have to pay for the intervention of funeral service. If the deceased person had a death insurance the cost is similar to normal funeral.
Body donation can be refused in case of :
- Death abroad
- The deceased was carrying a transmittable infection (AIDS, hepatitis, ...)
- Autopsy carried out on the body or body requesitioned by Public Prosecutor's department
- Saturation point of labo fitting
- Delay exceedance after death (48 to 72 hrs) making the body conservation impossible.

  Organ donation does not definitely exclude body donation to science. Please inform at the University you want.