Prepare the ceremony

Arrangement of funeral

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In order to prepare a tribute ceremony for a deceased person and either the following burial or cremation . Many important things are to be planned. For the writing of the article in the necrology to the preparation of flowers and the contact with the clergymen for instance many tasks appear. However, in case of death it is appropriate to take time for the mourning.

Thanks to a single meeting we can take care of all aspects of the situation in respecting everyone's costums and beliefs.

Owing to our experience we know how to help you go through those hard times linked to the loss of someone. Allow us to guide and support you in the necessary steps and keep enough energy to pay a decent tribute to the death person and the mourning period.

Our services

In the end of these preliminary steps, we shall assume :
  • Ablutions (conservation care), dressing and preparation of the deceased person (commonly called internement as nothing to do with the burial)
  • Transfer to a funeral home or return home (on family request)
  • All the administrative tasks (declaration of death, authorisation request, ordering copies of death certificate, issuing certificates for employers and so on)
  • Providing traditional design or ecological coffins or funeral urns
  • Putting the corpse into the coffin either at home, in the hospital or at the funeral home
  • Writing and publishing obituaries in both national and international daily Newspapers
  • Writing and printing death announcements, reminders of the deceased person, photos, thank-you cards, ...
  • Providing flowers (wreaths, sprays with ribons or cards)
  • Renting ceremony cars, limousines or minibuses, hearse, funeral van
  • Transporting throughout Belgium and abroad, rapatriations either by car or by plane
  • Introduction to skilled stone carvers (opening and closing existing monuments, new ones or additional accessories)